Progressive and Creative Institute, conducted by Shiva Progressive and Creative Society, organized by trained and experienced teachers.


study materials

All these Courses designed, conducted and taught by teachers qualified in the respective subjects. Renowned teachers are also invited to oversee and evaluate performance of subjects. The institute provides each student with study materials.

In Diploma Courses

Pre-Primary and Primary Teacher's Training, Senior Teacher's Training, Fashion & Textile Designing, Interior Decoration & Designing, Beautician Basic / Advance, Aroma Therapy, Art 'N' Craft, Tailoring & Embroidery to name a few.

Certificate Courses

In Certificate Courses Spoken English, Fabric Painting, Jewellery Making, Candle Making, Soft Toy Making, Basic / Tie & Die, Pot Making, Glass Etching - Frosting, Perfume/Nail Polish Making and many other courses.

The Aim

The aim is to impart a kind of education that will not only prepare a student to call himself/herself a professional but will also enable him/her to develop such habit and virtues as will contribute to his/her physical, intellectual, aesthetic and moral growth.


It was with this aim in view that the institute started a Montessori School and at the same time diversified its activities in areas of work oriented courses. We have various Diploma Courses as well as Certificate Courses.

About Us

Mrs. Anita Das, being THE PRINCIPAL is the same person who had taken responsibility of making the people mainly ladies of West Bengal to aware to their own capabilities by educating them with the wide range of courses that offered in this Institute.

Certificate Courses

Progressive and Creative Institute

Soft Toys Making
Doll Making
Flower Making
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Progressive and Creative Institute

Pot Making
Fabric Painting
Foil Painting (Emboss)
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Progressive and Creative Institute

Glitter Painting
Sand Work, Tailoring
Nib Painting
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Progressive and Creative Institute

Fancy Bag Making
Broken Glass Painting
Glass Painting
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Diploma Courses

Eligibility : Minimum H.S.
Duration : 12 Months
Medium, Days, Time & Age - Same as the P.P.P.T.T.
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Eligibility : Class VIII
Duration : 3/6 or 12 months
Class : Twice a week
Time : 1 hour 30 minutes
Admission Fee : Rs. 850.00
Monthly Tuition Fee : Rs. 700.00*12 months = 8400.00, Rs. 1400.00*6 months or Rs. 8400.00 (1 time) 3 months course or Rs. 4800.00*2 installments 3 months
Material Charge : Rs. 250.00 (one time)
Examination Fee : Rs. 700.00
* Once in a year every student has to pay Rs. 250.00 for Cultural activities.
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Eligibility : S.F. or Equivalent
Duration : 16/18 Months
Class : Once/ twice a week
Admission Fee : Rs. 450.00
Monthly Tuition Fee : Rs. 800.00/1600.00
Examination Fee : Rs. 700.00
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About Us

  • From SHAHNAZ HUSAIN she has 'Women's World International" Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Hair-Dressing-HABIB has certified her in Advance Hair Styling, CORY WALIA in makeup and Dr. Blossom Kochhar in Beauty Therapy and Aroma Therapy.